McLeod Centers mission is to build a foundation of healing and hope based on equity, education, and evidence-based practice for all communities.

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Here at McLeod Centers, we offer a variety of different services to best help you in your steps to recovery. From a residential program to DWI Services, we want to help you take those next steps to recovery.


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All McLeod Centers locations are tobacco-free as part of our commitment to patient and staff wellness. By being a tobacco-free campus, we are not only helping the well-being of our patients and staff but also those around us in our community.

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McLeod Centers For Wellbeing is a Charlotte-based non-profit working since 1969 to provide quality behavioral health services to adults over the age of 18. We currently serve an average of 3,900 patients daily who have a primary diagnosis of substance use disorder in 8 locations across Piedmont and Western North Carolina. Our programs are designed to treat the individual who is struggling; not just the disease of addiction.

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Meet our leadership team who are helping people get well! Our President and Chief Executive Officer, Christine Zazzaro, and the rest of our senior leadership team work diligently every day to make sure that everyone is treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve on their recovery journey. To learn more about each team leader click here!



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