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To Help People Get Well

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Here at McLeod Centers, we offer a variety of different services to best help you in your steps to recovery. From a Residential Program to DWI Services. We want to help you take those next steps to recovery.

All McLeod Centers locations are tobacco-free as part of our commitment to patient and staff wellness. Learn more about the tobacco-free initiative by reading our official policy here.

We require all patients, clients, vendors, and staff to wear face coverings to enter the building. Please wear a mask prior to entry to help us keep you, our patients, and our community safe.

McLeod Centers For Wellbeing is a Charlotte-based non-profit working since 1969 to provide quality behavioral health services to adults over the age of 18. We currently serve an average of 3,900 patients daily who have a primary diagnosis of substance use disorder in 9 locations across Piedmont and Western North Carolina. Our programs are designed to treat the individual who is struggling; not just the disease of addiction.

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"When you have the courage to ask for help, you illuminate the opportunities in your life."