DWI Services

To schedule a DWI Assessment, call (704)-332-9001 and press option 6.

Driver’s license suspended because of a DWI? We are here to help.

Having your driver’s license suspended due to a DWI is a humbling experience. At McLeod Centers For Wellbeing, we are here to guide you through the process of getting the necessary substance use treatment. In addition, our clinical team is here to help you navigate the steps toward getting your license reinstated.



Initial Steps

The state of North Carolina will require that you complete a mandatory DWI assessment as part of the process to fully reinstate your driver’s license. You will also be required to complete an education program or treatment. McLeod Centers For Wellbeing offers a variety of treatment services and education classes that will help you fulfill these requirements. We have clinicians that are trained to conduct your DWI assessment, DWI classes and treatment typically can be started the same week that you complete your assessment.

DWI Assessments

A DWI Assessment or alcohol assessment is required for everyone who is charged with a Driving While Impaired offense in the state of North Carolina. The DWI Assessment determines the level of classes or treatment you will be required to complete to reinstate your full driving privilege. A DWI Assessment will:

  • Allow you to obtain your limited driving privilege
  • Demonstrate to the court that you are handling the situation in a responsible manner
  • Let you know the exact requirements to obtain your full driving privilege
  • Can be used as a mitigating factor and may lessen the judgment against you



DWI Treatment

As a result of your DWI assessment, you may be required to complete either a short-term or a longer-term treatment program. The Short-term DWI program ranges from 20-39 hours that must be completed in a minimum of 30 days. The Longer-term DWI program starts at 40 hours that must be completed in a minimum of 60 days.

McLeod Centers also offers Residential DWI treatment which can range from 7-30 days in our residential program is recommended. These can be recommended by your clinician, lawyer, and/or the court system. Fee information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Out Of State DWI

Receiving a DWI is a very serious matter. We are here to help you navigate this time-sensitive matter. Our trained and credentialed staff are here to help you through the detailed process of satisfying the requirements of a DWI. We can work on your behalf to make sure you satisfy the North Carolina DMV requirements – without you having to travel back to North Carolina. How we can help:




Fees associated with a DWI assessment, treatment, education classes, and/or DWI residential treatment are mostly established fees by the state. Fees for the assessment are discussed when you schedule your assessment. The clinician that conducts your assessment will discuss fees for additional treatment, based on the clinician’s recommendations from your assessment.

The in-state NC DWI Assessment is $100, and the Driving Record Fee is $10. The full amount of $110 is due at the time of scheduling the assessment.

The DWI Residential Fee is $325 per day plus a one-time $40 UDS and breathalyzer fee.

To schedule a DWI Assessment, call 704 332 9001 and press option 6.