Meet The Team

Mary Ward



Mary holds a Master of Business Administration from Queens University and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from UNC Charlotte. With over 25 years of experience in hospital, community-based treatment, and criminal justice services, she advocates for equitable access to care and solutions to social determinants of health.  She serves on several local and state committees that evaluate data and trends in behavioral health services. 



Rachelle Casto

Vice President of Administration


In various leadership roles, Rachelle has been helping people get well at McLeod Centers since 1999. She currently leads human resources, clinical supervision, adult treatment services, and support operations. Rachelle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Marshall University and a Master of Science in Leadership and Human Resource Development from Louisiana State University.



Melanie Conforti

Vice President of Medication-Assisted Treatment


Melanie holds a Master of Science in Nursing Administration and a Bachelor of Nursing Practice, both from Queens University. She brings over 25 years of nursing and hospital-based healthcare leadership focusing on integrated care delivery utilizing lean management principles. Melanie leads the strategic operations of eight medication-assisted treatment locations across the Western and Piedmont regions of North Carolina.  



Katherine Long

Vice President of Development


Katherine holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Economics from Wake Forest University. She brings 10 years of non-profit fundraising experience to McLeod Centers. She leads the development and marketing operations for the organization



Christy Majors

Vice President of Finance


Christy holds a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Administration from Queens University. Her 12 years of experience in non-profit financial planning and analyses inform strategic plans and continuous improvement for McLeod Centers. Her additional areas of responsibility include Quality and Information Technology.



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